What is Hydrojet cleaning?

Hydrojet cleaning is a modern method of cleaning your pipes using a high-pressured flow of water through a hose with a specially designed nozzle to scour the interior surfaces of your pipes. It is a highly efficient and effective means of cleaning pipework and removing blockages caused by grease, scale, tree roots and other debris which can build up over time.

Hydrojet drain cleaning is one of the most effective ways to blast through even the nastiest of blockages. Achieving pressures of up to 5000psi, hydrojetting can even cut through tree roots that have grown up through the pipes. Diamand Brothers carry a number of different jet heads for different applications, meaning there are very few blockages that cannot be rectified by a hydrojet drain clean. The result is a clean, clear drain completely free of even the most stubborn of blockages.

Do I need a hydrojet drain clean?

If your drains have continued to become blocked every couple of months, or you have a particularly stubborn blockage then you will likely benefit from a hydrojet drain clean. Whether your system is completely blocked, or simply has a small amount of build up a hydrojet clean will return your pipes to their free-flowing glory and eliminate those nasty odours.

Why should I Choose Diamand Brothers for Drain Cleaning

With over 6 years of hydrojetting experience Diamand Brothers know blocked drains and how to clear them. We take pride in our honest and open communication and will guide you through the entire process, from identifying the type of blockage and the location, to clearing the blockage. We can even provide a report with footage and photos of your drains using our CCTV drain inspection tool.



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