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Common causes of drain blockages which restrict the flow of your pipes can be:

  • Foreign objects & debris
  • Tree roots
  • Oil, fat and grease build up
  • Sewer line collapse

How to tell if your drains are blocked?

What you can see

Some of the most obvious signs that your drains are blocked are that your shower, basin, sink toilet or bath drain away slowly. If your blockage is particularly bad, then your water may not even drain at all!

If you’re finding only one of your fixtures is having this problem, then your blockage may well be localised to a pipe attached to that fixture. If you’re finding that multiple fixtures are draining poorly, then the blockage may be further down the system in the sewer drain.

If draining of one fixture, such as flushing the toilet or emptying your sink, leads to water rising in another fixture, for example water rising into the floor of the shower, then it’s highly likely you have a blocked drain that will need urgent attention.

What you can smell

Unpleasant smells in your wet areas can often be attributed to a blocked drain and may indicate additional issues, such as debris that is trapped in the pipes beginning to rot. It is likely that a bad smell will be noticeable before any of the visual symptoms above, so it is important to have any bad smells coming from your plumbing checked by a professional and cleaned out to avoid total drain blockage.

What you can hear

Gurgling sounds coming from your drains, sinks, toilet or shower can be a sign of blocked drains. This is caused by the air trapped by a blockage in your plumbing being displaced by the draining water and pushed back up the system causing the gurgling sounds.

What to do if you think your drains are blocked?

Any one of the above symptoms could indicate a blocked drain and may require attention. If you’re noticing more than one of the above symptoms then it’s time to take action! Ignoring these symptoms can result in sewerage flowing into your yard, or even worse – into your home!

If you think you may have a blocked drain, then give Diamand Brothers a call. We will talk you through assessing the blockage and can help you identify whether the issue is on your property or not. Depending on the location of the blockage, you may not even be responsible for rectifying it! We will walk you through the process of assessing the blockage and explain which drain cleaning processes will help you. When we arrive on site, we will show you the step by step process of cleaning the drain and keep you informed throughout the process so there are no hidden surprises.

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